NASA’s Moon Program Gives U.S. Economy Big Boost

NASA has been asked to do a lot of things in the 64 years it’s been a federal agency, and on the whole, it’s delivered the goods. Beat the Soviet Union to the moon? Check. Build a fleet of reusable space shuttles? Check. Oversee a 15-nation collaboration that built a football-field sized International Space Station? Check.

But there’s one thing NASA has never been asked to do, and that’s a very good thing because it can’t: turn a profit.

As with every other branch of the government, the space agency’s money flows only one way: out. And there was a time that Congress was only too happy to cut seemingly endless checks that allowed NASA to keep spending. In 1966, at the peak of the race to the moon, the space agency’s budget was $5.9 b…

Saks Fifth Avenue files lawsuit against Bal Harbour Shops

On September 2, Saks filed a lawsuit against both Bal Harbour Shops and Matthew Whitman Lazenby, president and chief executive officer of Whitman Family Development, LLC, the company that owns Bal Harbour.The suit, filed in the 11th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, claims that Lazenby made statements that “breached the parties’ contract and Bal Harbour’s fiduciary duty,” according to Saks. 

In the suit, Saks claims Lazenby disclosed confidential information provided by the department store retailer to Bal Harbour in accordance with its lease agreement, in an effort to increase pressure on Saks to resolve a dispute related to lease payments during the Covid-19 pandemic.The suit further claimed that “Lazenby caused damage to Saks Fifth Avenue’s business and reputation by ma…

Khloe Kardashian Cleverly Avoids a Nip Slip With Her Latest Risqué Look

Khloé Kardashian Avoids NIP SLIP in Gravity-Defying Dress

Khloe Kardashian isn't afraid to show a little skin.

The Kardashians star recently showcased her toned figure in a black curve-hugging dress that left little to the imagination with its extreme mid-section cutout.

In fact, the Good American founder's design was so risqué that she barely avoided a nip slip, as her dress covered her chest ever so slightly with two small swirls of fabric on each side. Khloe's look was modest otherwise with its long sleeves, high neckline and skirt that hit below her knees.

She clearly kept the focus on her ensemble, skipping accessories altogether. Plus, her beauty style was also subdued, as she opted for a soft glam makeup look …