Oreo Introduces The Most Oreo Oreo Cookie Ever

Described as “the brand’s most playful cookie to date,” The Most Oreo Oreo features two chocolate-flavored basecakes playfully packed with ‘Most Stuf’ levels of creme, and for the first time ever, the creme has real Oreo grind mixed in. It’s basically a cookie stuffed with itself.

Additionally, The Most Oreo Oreo unveils the OreoVerse – an interactive, digital world where Oreo fans can play and explore — and invites none other than Martha Stewart to navigate the virtual world.

The OreoVerse, the brand’s metaverse experience, invites fans to play multiple levels of cookie-themed games and get the chance to win unexpected prizes, including a $50,000 grand prize. The games range from “Stack Stuf” where fan…